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The webMethods Adapter 9.0 for OFTP in the Software AG Installer consists of two components, OFTP and OFTPforTN. The two components correspond to the following two packages:
*WmOFTP (OFTP Gateway package)
*WmOFTPforTN (OFTP for Trading Networks package)
To install webMethods Adapter for OFTP, you need to install both the packages.
Where you install the packages depends on whether you are using a DMZ.
Using a DMZ?
Machine on which to install the packages
*Install the WmOFTP package on the machine within the DMZ. This machine is referred to as the OFTP Gateway.
*Install the WmOFTPforTN package on the machine outside DMZ.
Install both, the WmOFTP and WmOFTPforTN on the same machine.
For a list of operating systems, and webMethods products supported byAdapter for OFTP, see webMethods Adapters System Requirements .
Adapter for OFTP has no hardware requirements beyond those of its host Integration Server.