webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp

Release Notes

webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp Version 2.0

The webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp is a marketplace connector add-on to webMethods Integration Server and Trading Networks. The combined solution allows suppliers to create seamless, real-time integrations with the Ariba Commerce Services Network (CSN). The features supplied with the OnRamp enable you to quickly create typical Ariba supplier-side integrations without the need for time-consuming configuration tasks, significantly reducing implementation time and maintenance costs.

Specifically, the OnRamp facilitates "punchout" integration that enables buyers from the Ariba CSN to be re-routed to suppliers’ Internet catalogs. This way, the suppliers can provide a customized and content-rich buying experience to the buyers. Furthermore, the Ariba Supplier OnRamp facilitates seamless transaction integration (e.g., order request transactions) between buyers and suppliers.

Version 2.0 of the webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp enhances the existing Ariba Supplier OnRamp by adding support for cXML 1.2.

Additional Document Support

The webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp now supports the following two additional document types:

These new document types are also included in the OnRamp's test module. The Ariba Supplier OnRamp generates corresponding logging information and generates messaging when it processes MasterAgreementRequest and InvoiceDetailRequest documents. You can use the MasterAgreementRequest and InvoiceDetailRequest transactions with or without Trading Networks.

Digital Signature Support

The webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp now supports the use of digitial signatures for transaction authentication support. Digital signature support is similar to SharedSecret support. See the cXML 1.2 User’s Guide for details.

Common Content Handler

Earlier versions of the Ariba Supplier OnRamp provided their own content handler to process documents with attachments. The Ariba Supplier OnRamp 2.0 now processes OrderRequest documents with attachments using the content handler provided in the webMethods Integration Server.

For information about previous releases of the webMethods Ariba OnRamp, see the release notes for those releases, below.

webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp Version 1.5.1

The goal of this release was to provide more features and to enhance those features that further reduce the implementation time and effort.

Administrative User Interface

Intuitive user screens enable users to effectively administer and manage the Ariba Supplier OnRamp. For example, you can configure default parameters, create necessary services at specific locations, test those services, and view error logs.

cXML Document Receiver Supports Version 1.1

The OnRamp provides cXML 1.1 supplier-side support out-of-the-box. Two new cXML transactions have been added:

Automated Testing Module

Using the built-in testing facility, you can create and send cXML 1.1 requests to the OnRamp document processing service to test your PunchOut and order processing implementation without having a live connection to the Ariba CSN.

Logging Module

The built-in logging mechanism can store informational and error messages about cXML processing. The OnRamp package uses this mechanism to store information when cXML requests are received and responses are sent. If you want to log additional entries, you can use the OnRamp's public APIs. Logs can be easily viewed, and are rolled over every night for maintenance purposes.

In addition, the built-in document storage facility can be configured to automatically store important documents, including OrderRequest messages.

webMethods Trading Networks Support

webMethods Trading Networks provides sophisticated routing/processing mechanisms that are much more powerful than the basic routing mechanism built into the Ariba Supplier OnRamp. Now the OnRamp can be used in conjuction with Trading Networks. The OnRamp can be easily configured so that the cXML documents are sent to and processed by Trading Networks.

webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp Version 1.5

cXML Document Receiver

The cXML document receiver is the entry point for all cXML documents sent to the suppliers. The document receiver validates the format of the documents and invokes the necessary handlers. The supported handlers are as follows:

Error messages are automatically generated for invalid cXML messages.

Configuration Module

You can store all configuration information in one place. This eliminates redundant programming activities. The values can be overridden if necessary.

cXML Punchout Integration

This feature enables buyers of an Ariba Buyer system to shop directly from your Internet catalog, thus providing a customized and content-rich buying experience. Specifically, using the built-in utilities and instructions, you can easily extract a buyer's (session) information for authentication and perform other customer-specific processing. You can then return a valid cXML PunchOutSetupResponse message containing the appropriate URL to the buyer. Using this URL, the buyer can start shopping from the catalog. When the buyer goes to checkout, the contents of the shopping cart must be sent back to the buyer's Ariba Buyer system. The OnRamp provides a utility to create a PunchOutOrderMessage mapping service that maps shopping cart data to the PunchOutOrderMessage and returns the PunchOutOrderMessage to the Ariba Buyer system.

cXML Order Transaction Integration

This feature facilitates integration of the cXML transaction with your back-end systems. When an order request comes in, the OrderRequest handler is automatically invoked. Using the built-in utilities and instructions, you can programmatically process the order to your back-end order management system. You can then send the valid cXML acknowledgement message, OrderRequestResponse, back to the buyer.

Note: You can use webMethods adapters to seamlessly integrate with your back-end systems.

Notification Framework

The marketplace connector provides a notification framework. The notification framework automatically generates notification events when the marketplace connector receives and sends cXML messages. You can add custom processing routines to these generated events. For example, when an OrderRequest fails, you can send an email alert to the appropriate person.

The following notification messages are generated automatically:

Example Punchout Site

The Ariba Supplier OnRamp includes an additional package which can be optionally installed. This package provides an example punchout site for a supplier named Snowboard Supplier.

The example demonstrates the key features of the Ariba Supplier OnRamp. You can duplicate and modify the example for your own use.

Software and Platform Support

The webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp 2.0 supports cXML version 1.2.

For detailed software requirements and platform support, see the webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp Installation Guide Version 2.0.

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