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Configuring Data Queue Listeners
When you configure AS/400 Data Queue Listeners, you specify information that the Integration Server uses to read data from an AS/400 data queue and invoke an IS service.
Before you configure the Data Queue Listeners, you must configure an adapter connection. You create AS/400 Adapter connections using the Integration Server Administrator.
*To configure an AS/400 Data Queue Listener
1. Start the Integration Server Administrator if it is not already running.
2. Make sure the WmAS400 package is enabled.
3. In the Adapters menu in the Integration Server Administrator's navigation area, click AS/400 Adapter.
4. In the AS/400 Adapter navigation area, click Data Queue Listeners.
5. In the Data Queue Listener screen, click Configure New Data Queue Listener.
6. In the Configure New Listener screen, provide values for the following listener parameters:
Connection Alias
Required. The name of the AS/400 Adapter connection that the listener uses to connect to the server.
Listener Node Name
The Integration Server service that you want to invoke every time an entry is written to the data queue, for example, wm.as400.sample.keyedDQ:DQListener.
Data Queue Name
The fully qualified integrated file system name of the data queue you want the listener to monitor for data, for example, /QSYS.LIB/PUNEET.LIB/MYKEYQUEUE.DTAQ.
Is Keyed
Set to true if the data queue is a keyed data queue. Default value: false.
Key Type
The AS/400 data type of the key field. Valid values are String, Float8, Float4, SignedBinary8, SignedBinary4, SignedBinary2, UnSignedBinary4, UnSignedBinary2, PackedDecimal, and ZonedDecimal.
Key Length
The length of the key field. The valid values are 0-256. For Sequential Data Queues, use a value of 0.
Key Value
The value used to search the Keyed data queue for an entry. Leave this field blank if you want to read from a sequential data queue.
Key Compare Type
The type of comparison to use to determine if a key is a match. Valid values are EQ (equal), NE (not equal), LT (less than), LE (less than or equal), GT (greater than), and GE (greater than or equal). Leave this field blank if you want to read from a simple data queue.
7. Click Save Listener. If the parameters are valid, the Data Queue Listener you created appears on the Data Queue Listeners screen.
8. Click Return to AS/400 Adapter Listeners to return to the Data Queue Listener screen.
9. To monitor the data queue, enable the Data Queue Listener. For more information on enabling data queue listeners, see Enabling Data Queue Listeners.