AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1 | webMethods AS/400 Adapter Documentation | webMethods AS/400 Adapter Installation and User’s Documentation | Managing Data Queue Listeners | Overview
A Data Queue Listener monitors a specified data queue and notifies the application when an entry is written to the data queue. This chapter provides instructions for managing AS/400 Data Queue Listeners. You must have webMethods Integration Server administrator privileges to access the AS/400 Adapter's administrative screens.
When you configure a Data Queue Listener, you must provide information about the:
*The AS/400 Data Queue to monitor.
*The service to invoke when an entry is written in the data queue. The Data Queue Listener puts the dataQueueEntry, dataQueueEntryKey, and senderInfo values in the pipeline before invoking this service. You can further use the built-in adapter service wm.as400.access:dataQEntryToRecord to convert the dataQueueEntry into a more usable format. See the sample service wm.as400.sample.simpleDQ:DQListener or wm.as400.sample.keyedDQ:DQListener in the WmAS400Samples package.