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Uninstalling AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1
*To uninstall AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1
1. Shut down the Integration Server that hosts the AS/400 Adapter.
2. Start Software AG Uninstaller, selecting the webMethods installation directory that contains the host Integration Server. In the product selection list, select Adapters >webMethods AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1. You can also choose to uninstall documentation.
3. Restart the host Integration Server.
4. Uninstaller removes all AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1 related files that were installed into the Integration Server_directory \packages\WmAS400 directory. However, Uninstaller does not delete files created after you installed the adapter (for example, user-created or configuration files), nor does it delete the adapter directory structure. You can go to the Integration Server_directory \packages directory and delete the WmAS400 directory.