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Installing AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1
AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1 is not supported in a clustered Integration Server environment.
*To install AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1
1. Download Installer from the Empower Product Support Web site.
2. If you are installing the adapter on an existing Integration Server, shut down the Integration Server.
3. Start the Installer wizard.
4. Choose the webMethods release that includes the Integration Server on which to install the adapter.
5. Specify the installation directory as follows:
*If you are installing on an existing Integration Server, specify the webMethods installation directory that contains the host Integration Server.
*If you are installing both the host Integration Server and the adapter, specify the installation directory to use.
6. In the product selection list, select Adapters >webMethods AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1.
If you are using Integration Server 9.6 and above, you can choose to install the package in the default instance. In this case, Software AG Installer installs the adapter in both locations, Integration Server_directory \packages and the default instance packages directory located in Integration Server_directory \instances\default\packages.
7. To download the documentation for the adapter, go to Software AG Documentation website.
8. After installation is complete, close Installer.
Integration Server loads the WmAS400 package, but it will not be enabled until you deploy the IBM ToolBox for Java files on Integration Server.
9. To deploy the IBM ToolBox for Java files:
a. Go to the IBM ToolBox for Java installation directory.
b. Copy the jt400.jar and util400.jar files to the Integration Server_directory \packages\ WmAS400\code\jars directory.
10. Start the host Integration Server.
Software AG recommends that you install the latest fix to include updates from previous fixes for this adapter