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Architecture and Components
Adapter Connections
Adapter Services
Data Queue Listeners
The AS/400 Adapter is installed on the webMethods Integration Server. The AS/400 Adapter enables Integration Server to connect to, and perform operations on the AS/400 server using the IBM ToolBox for Java classes. You must install the supported IBM ToolBox for Java on Integration Server and make sure the classes are loaded when the server starts.
The AS/400 Adapter enables you to configure the following components:
*Adapter Connections: Enable Integration Server to connect to the AS/400 systems at run time.
*Adapter Services: Perform operations on the AS/400 resources using the built-in services provided with the AS/400 Adapter.
*Data Queue Listeners: Monitor a data queue and notify the resources when an entry is written to the queue.
The following diagram illustrates how the Integration Server uses these components to interact with the AS/400 server.