AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1 | webMethods AS/400 Adapter Documentation | webMethods AS/400 Adapter Installation and User’s Documentation | Built-in Services | Overview
This chapter describes the built-in services provided with the webMethods AS/400 Adapter. These services are located in the WmAS400 package. Based on the functionality of these services, they are placed into different folders. The following table lists the folders that contain the built-in services based on their functionality:
Folder contains
Services that access the AS/400 resources.
Services that manage the AS/400 connections.
The services in this folder are used internally for the AS/400 Adapter Administrative screens.
Contains the document types, integration specifications, and the IS schemas used by the WmAS400 package and the WmAS400Samples package.
These document types are only for internal use and are not to be used in your integration solutions.
The AS/400 Adapter also provides sample services in the WmAS400Samples package. These sample services show the usage of the services. During installation, the WmAS400Samples package is installed along with the WmAS400 package.