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The administrator can manage adapter resources such as connections and listeners using Integration Server Administrator. Alternatively, you can use the REST APIs provided by the AS/400 Adapter Administrator API.
REST URL Structure
An AS/400 Adapter Administrator API makes resources accessible through a URL path. All AS/400 Adapter Administrator API requests must be issued using HTTP or HTTPS. The AS/400 Adapter Administrator API supports the standard HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE. Not all resources support all HTTP methods.
An absolute URL for an AS/400 Adapter Administrator API resource has the following structure:
*http is the transport protocol. You can use HTTP or HTTPS.
*host:port is the host and port of the Integration Server on which you want to administer the adapter resources.
*admin/adapters is the directive for the adapter's Administrator APIs.
*resourceType is the type of resource, such as adapter connection, or adapter listener.
*resourceId identifies a specific resource.
For example:
HTTP GET http://host:port/admin/adapters/connection/AS400Adapter
Retrieves all the adapter connections for AS/400 Adapter.
Common Request Parameters
The following request parameters are commonly used in REST URL to invoke the AS/400 Adapter Administrator APIs.
Parameter Name
Parameter Description
Adapter type name registered with the Integration Server. Value is AS400Adapter for AS/400 Adapter.
You can get the display name and adapter type name of all the adapters registered with Integration Server by invoking the Administrator API as follows:
"method" : "get",
"httpMethod" : "GET",
"urlTemplate" : "/admin/adapters/",
"input" : "",
"output" : ""
Possible values:
*enable. Enables adapter connection, or adapter listener.
*disable. Disables adapter connection, or adapter listener.
Possible values:
*true. Displays the details of each adapter connection, or adapter listener.
*false. Default. Displays the name and URL of each adapter connection, or adapter listener.
Name of the adapter connection.
Name of the adapter connection factory type.
You can get the list of adapter connection factory types available for AS/400 Adapter by invoking the Administrator API as follows:
"method" : "describeConnectionFactory",
"httpMethod" : "GET",
"urlTemplate" : "/admin/adapters/describe/AS400Adapter/connection/",
"input" : "",
"output" : ""
Name of the adapter listener.
Name of the adapter listener factory type.
AS/400 Adapter does not have explicit listener factory types.
Same as listenerFactoryTypeName