Web Sessions 4.3.10 | Terracotta REST Developer Guide | REST API for the Terracotta Server Array | Diagnostics
Use the following URI extensions with the base extension /agents/diagnostics or /v2/agents/diagnostics to return information useful in diagnosing trouble or initiate a DGC cycle.
Thread Dumps
Get a full thread dump from all servers and clients:
Get a thread dump from servers a, b, and c:
If no "names" are specified, all servers are included.
Get a thread dump from clients x, y, and z:
If no "ids" are specified, all clients are included.
Thread dumps are written to the logs of their respective nodes. To have all generated thread dumps saved to a zip file, use threadDumpArchive instead of threadDump.
To write cluster state information (including, for example, on locks) in addition to thread dumps for each node, use dumpClusterState instead of threadDump. This action generates substantially more information than getting only thread dumps.
DGC Cycles
To initiate a DGC cycle, post: