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REST API Versions
The REST API includes two versions, the original version and version 2 (v2). The original version was previously the only version, but with BigMemory 4.2 and higher, either original or v2 may be used.
*/agents/cacheManagers/ — original version
*/v2/agents/cacheManagers/ — version 2, available with Terracotta 4.2 and higher
With the v2 REST API, agent resources are accessible via a v2 path, and methods return responses that vary in content and/or format from the original API.
To access the v2 REST API, include v2 as part of the path, for example:
: The original REST API is still available with BigMemory 4.2 and higher, and it will continues to perform as it did with pre-4.2 BigMemory.
All nodes should use the same REST API version to avoid the risk of issues due to differing features and capabilities. You can discover the API version of connected REST agents using a GET operation with an /agents/info URI (see GET and HEAD). Note that the REST API version is unrelated to the version of Terracotta products or any other Terracotta API.
Differences in REST API versions can affect the features and functionality offered by the monitoring tools you create. Over time, version mismatches can arise between the TMS and TSA (when using an external TMS), and between the TMS and standalone nodes.
The TMS may be able to compensate agents with API versions older than its own version by exposing only their available capabilities. Newer agent API versions can cause inconsistent behavior or malfunction if the TMS is unable to handle unfamiliar schema, functionality, or other differences in APIs.