Web Sessions 4.3.10 | Terracotta REST Developer Guide | Using the Terracotta Managment REST API | Overview of the Management Components
Overview of the Management Components
Terracotta provides the following management components:
*Management agents, embedded in BigMemory and the Terracotta Server Array (TSA), that provide a REST interface.
*The Terracotta Management Server (TMS), a process that provides a REST interface that bridges the cluster management agents.
*The Terracotta Management Console (TMC), served up by the TMS, which communicates with that TMS using its REST interface.
With the TMS management REST interface, you can also write custom scripts, or create a custom Rich Internet Application (RIA) in place of the Terracotta Management Console (TMC).
For simplicity, many of the examples given in this document assume a TMS that is running locally, and therefore "localhost" is used for the host address.