Web Sessions 4.3.10 | Terracotta REST Developer Guide | Using the Terracotta Managment REST API | Connecting to the Management Service REST API
Connecting to the Management Service REST API
The REST API is available by connecting to the REST management service running on the Terracotta Management Server or a node running a REST agent. Use the URLs shown below.
Connecting to a TMS
where <port> is 9889 if running the TMS with the default container. If using your own container, substitute the port configured for that container.
Connecting Directly to a Standalone Node
where <port> is configured in the <managementRESTService> element's bind attribute, in the Ehcache configuration file (ehcache.xml by default). If you do not specify a value for this port, the default is the port of the REST management agent on the host. The default bind value is "".
Connecting to a TSA
where <port> is the management port. This value is configured in a server's <management-port> element in the Terracotta configuration file (tc-config.xml by default). The default value for the management port is 9540.