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Installing the Session JARS
Download Terracotta Web Sessions
Download the BigMemory Max kit, which includes Terracotta Web Sessions.
Unpack the Kit
Unpack the distribution into a directory on your system. In the following instructions, we will refer to the directory as <terracotta>/. Where forward slashes ("/") are given in directory paths, substitute back slashes ("\") for Microsoft Windows installations.
When installing the kit, it may be possible to use special characters in the install path, such as ...
Avoid such characters to keep the installed product in paths that allow for support and fixes.
Copy the License Key
Copy the license key to the terracotta distribution directory. This file, called terracotta-license.key, was attached to an email you received after registering for the download.
%> cp terracotta-license.key <terracotta>/
Copy the JAR files
To cluster your application's web sessions, add the following two JAR files to your application's classpath, and place these files in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the Web Application Archive (WAR) on all of your application servers. These files are under ${TERRACOTTA_HOME}/.
<version> is the current version of the Terracotta Web Sessions JAR.
This particular JAR contains the Terracotta client libraries.