Web Sessions 4.3.10 | Web Sessions User Guide | What is Web Sessions?
What is Web Sessions?
Terracotta Web Sessions is the fast, reliable way to get the scalability benefits of a stateless web architecture without overloading your database or rewriting your application. Supporting the Java Servlet session standard, Terracotta Web Sessions works with your favorite Web framework, your favorite application container, and your custom session objects.
Easy Setup
Terracotta Web Sessions is simple to use and a good fit for a wide range of use cases, from departmental applications to large-scale web and e-commerce sites.
Sessions Visibility
See the performance of your entire application cluster at a glance. Also browse the live contents of user sessions for easy debugging and problem resolution. Terracotta Web Sessions makes it easy to configure and optimize your sessions and watch the performance boost you're getting in real time.
In-Memory Speed
Terracotta dynamically partitions and optimizes the locality of user session data to provide coherent and reliable access to hot sessions at in-memory speed. This architecture yields very high application throughput and very low session access latency, no matter how many application servers and concurrent users you have.
Terracotta Web Sessions makes it easy to add additional servers to your application tier. High availability for sessions at scale is critical to increasing application throughput without downtime or disrupting the customer experience.
High Performance and High Availability
Enjoy high availability (99.999% uptime) for your session data without sacrificing application performance or punishing your database. Terracotta Web Sessions can take full advantage of BigMemory's fault tolerance and Fast Restartable Store to ensure session data is always available, even in the event of server failure or restart.
Session Consistency
Terracotta session data is always guaranteed to be coherent, consistent, and up-to-date. This ensures that your customers' experience is unaffected when they are routed to different application servers in the event of server failure or restarts.
Terracotta keeps only the locally active session data in memory and sends only the changed data over the network when sessions are updated. This efficient use of memory and network resources enables Terracotta Web Sessions to outperform competitive solutions.
Broad Container Support
Terracotta Web Sessions works with most major application servers and a wide range of popular web frameworks.