Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Instance Editor | Filtering and sorting the instances
Filtering and sorting the instances
If you have a long list of instances, you can easily locate the instances that you are looking for by entering a value in the search box. Or you can enter part of the value. This searches all input fields in the instance editor and only lists the instances (rows) that contain this value. All values that match the filter are highlighted. The search criteria are not case-sensitive. When search criteria are currently applied, an X is shown in the search box; click this to clear the search and thus to show all available instances.
You can also sort the columns of the instance editor table. To do so, click the arrows that are shown when you move the mouse to a column header. This sorts the instances according to the values in that column (for example, alphabetically or by number). Clicking again sorts the column in the opposite direction. Fields with required values in that column that have not yet been specified can thus be shown either at the very top or bottom of the column. You can also sort the instances alphabetically according to run mode and status, for example, to show the active instances at the top.
Editing a value will not affect the display of rows in the instance editor table. If you want to reapply the search and sorting, you have to save and reload the instances.
Adding a new instance will not affect the display of rows in the instance editor table. If you add a row after sorting, the row is always added at the bottom of the table, unless you reload the instances.
You can also reorder the template parameters in the Template Parameters dialog box (see Managing template parameters). This affects the sequence in which they are shown in the instance editor.