Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Model Manager | Editing the instances of a model
Editing the instances of a model
When one or more blocks in a model use template parameters (see also Managing template parameters), you can set up different instances of that model.
Each instance can then use different values for the template parameters and can be activated independently from the other instances. The instances are defined and activated in the instance editor.
The actions below are only available when template parameters have been defined for the model, that is, when the card for the model shows the number of defined instances.
*To edit the instances of a model
*On the Models tab of the model manager, click the total number of instances on the front of the card.
Alternatively, you can also do one the following:
*Click the actions menu of the card and then click Instances.
*Or click Show instances summary to flip the card and then click the Edit Instances button on the back of the card.
Show instances summary is only visible (and thus you can only get to the back of the card) if there are any instances (regardless of state).
This invokes the instance editor. See Using the Instance Editor for further information.