Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Instance Editor | Editing an instance
Editing an instance
You provide the parameter values for instances in the same way as you provide values for blocks in the model editor (see also Editing the parameters of a block).
The instance editor table provides different types of input controls, depending on the type of template parameter:
*Text boxes are provided in which you can enter values, depending on the setting of the template parameter (for example, a string or a float). Your input is validated as you type. For example, it is not possible to enter a string value in a text box that expects a float value.
*Check boxes are provided for boolean values. Selecting a check box corresponds to setting the value to true.
*Drop-down list boxes are provided when you can select a different value (for example, to select a different rule for rounding).
*When you edit a device or device group, an additional dialog box appears. The dialog box is the same as when selecting a different device, device group or asset in the block parameter editor (see Editing the parameters of a block for more information on this dialog box). Click the Use button (this is shown when you move the mouse over an entry) to select the device that you want to use.
Instances (rows) that have been edited but have not yet been saved are shown with a background color until they have been saved.
When a text box requires a value that has not yet been specified, a message is shown, indicating that this is a required field. It is possible to save the instances and leave the instance editor, and set all of the required values at a later point in time. As long as the missing fields of an instance have not been specified, it is not possible to activate that instance.