Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Model Editor | Working with groups | Duplicating a group
Duplicating a group
You can duplicate each group that is currently shown on the canvas. The original group and its duplicate will then both have the same contents.
Wires coming in from blocks outside of the group or going from the group to blocks outside of the group are not duplicated.
You can also copy a group into a different model, see Copying items to a different model.
*To duplicate a group
*On the canvas of the model editor, click the group that you want to duplicate (it does not matter whether the group is currently collapsed or expanded) and then do one of the following:
*Press Ctrl+C to copy the group, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the group.
*Or press Ctrl and drag the group to be duplicated to the position at which you want to place the duplicate.