Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Block Reference | Input | Position Input
Position Input
Receives Event objects from a device or device group and extracts the c8y_Position fragment into a Value object.
If no c8y_Position fragment is present, the event is ignored. If the fragment does not contain at least a valid latitude and valid longitude, the event is ignored. If the Primary Value parameter is set to Altitude and the fragment does not contain an altitude, the event is ignored. Latitudes must be between -90 and 90 degrees inclusive. Longitudes must be between -180 and 180 degrees inclusive.
The primary value of the output Value object can be set to be the latitude, longitude or altitude. All members of the c8y_Position fragment are added to the properties dictionary of the Value object.
If the Ignore Timestamp parameter is set, the block ignores the timestamp of the event and processes the measurements as they are received, otherwise it reorders the events and drops old measurements.
The parameter that defines the input stream of the block is Device or Device Group, and Event Type if set.
Note: When running in simulation mode, because historical input data is used, timestamps are not ignored.
Note: A history of changes is not maintained for Event objects, and it is thus not possible to retrieve the original objects from the inventory. For this reason, a model which contains this input block type may behave differently in simulation mode than it would in production mode.
Device or Device Group
The device or device group from which the position is received.
The model editor uses the current device or asset name. This is mapped internally to the inventory identifier.
Event Type
The event type for which the block listens. If left unset, then there is no filtering by type.
To consume events from another model, this property must be set.
Notification Mode
Filters Event events such that only new events, updated events, or all events are processed.
The default is that all events are processed.
Option - one of:
*Updates only
*New events only
Default: New events only
Ignore Timestamp
If selected, the timestamp of the incoming measurement is ignored. Note: When running in simulation mode, because historical input data is used, timestamps are not ignored.
Default: false
Primary Value
The primary value to be output by the block: latitude, longitude or altitude, or empty if not set.
Option - one of:
Output Port Details
An object containing at least latitude and longitude.