Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Block Reference | Input | Operation Input
Operation Input
Receives Operation objects from a device or device group.
The block does not reorder the received Operation objects and processes the operations as they are received. The block can be optionally configured to only process operations having a specified status or property.
The output from the block contains all properties on the Operation object. Property values can be accessed using the Extract Property block.
Properties with values of type string, boolean or float can be accessed by specifying the name of the property in the Extract Property block. For example, if the name of the property is ap_State, then specify ap_State as the value for the Property Path parameter of the Extract Property block.
If a property value is of type JSON object or sequence, then nested values can be accessed by specifying the full path to the nested values as the name of the property.
For example, if the name of the property is c8y_SpeedMeasurement and the value is { "Speed": { "value": 1234, "unit": "km/h" } } (in JSON form), then specify c8y_SpeedMeasurement.Speed.unit as the value for the Property Path parameter of the Extract Property block to extract the value of the unit.
The parameter that defines the input stream of the block is Device or Device Group.
Note: A history of changes is not maintained for Operation objects, and it is thus not possible to retrieve the original objects from the inventory. For this reason, a model which contains this input block type may behave differently in simulation mode than it would in production mode.
Device or Device Group
The device or device group from which the operation has been received.
The model editor uses the current device or asset name. This is mapped internally to the inventory identifier.
Operation Name
The name of the operation for which the block will listen.
If specified, the Operation object must have a property of this name otherwise, it will be ignored.
Operation Status
The status for which to listen.
If not specified, the block will listen for operations with any status.
Option - one of:
Notification Mode
Filters Operation events such that only new operations, updated operations, or all operations are processed. The default is that all operations are processed.
Option - one of:
*Updates only
*New operations only
Default: All
Output Port Details
Generates a pulse output for each Operation object received.
All properties of the Operation object are available as extra properties. You can use the Extract Property block to access their values.