Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Release Notes | What's new in version 10.16.0
What's new in version 10.16.0
*The Type parameter of the Selector block now supports JSON for setting the type of the output value. If JSON is selected as the type, all input parameter values must be valid JSON values of the same type. This allows the Selector block to output properties which can be used, for example, with the Set Properties block to generate different sets of properties for the output blocks, depending on which input port of the Selector block is enabled.
*The Combiner block now offers a new mode called Latest Updated. When selected, it outputs the value which was most recently updated, even if the actual value is not changed. This is useful when you need the latest published value from multiple values. For example, if you have a number of sensors that measure the temperature periodically at different intervals and you want to get the latest temperature received by the block by all of those sensors, you can use the Combiner block with the Latest Updated mode. This provides the latest published temperature, even if a sensor measures and publishes the same temperature. For clarity, the existing Latest mode has been renamed to Latest Changed. When using the Latest Changed mode, a value is not considered changed if the actual value does not change. For example, when using the Latest Changed mode with temperature sensors, it outputs the sensor value whose temperature was most recently changed.
*The reset behavior of the Discrete Statistics block has been corrected. Previously, the block had incorrectly sampled the previous value when resetting, which could result in incorrect statistics. For example, when the Discrete Statistics block was used for counting, the count started with 1 instead of 0 after the reset. This has been fixed so that the block does not sample the previous value after the reset until a new value is received. If a new value is received along with the reset signal, the new value is sampled after the block has been reset.
*The value of the timestamp field of the apama.analyticsbuilder.Value event when used as an input value in a custom block was incorrect in some situations. This has been fixed so that the timestamp field now contains the correct timestamp of the value.
*The following keys for configuring model timeouts have been removed and will be ignored when set: default_timeout_secs and block_promise_timeout_secs. Instead, warnings are now logged when request responses or returned promise values take too long to complete.