Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Release Notes | What's new in version 10.14.0
What's new in version 10.14.0
*Samples are now provided in the model manager. These are similar to the smart rules in Cumulocity IoT. The samples are intended to help you get started with creating your own models. You can use a sample as a basis for further development by creating a new model from the sample. You can then edit the new model according to your requirements and deploy it. See also First steps: Creating a model from a sample and the description of the new Samples tab in The model manager user interface.
*The Measurement Output block now has a new Time input port. This can be used to set the timestamp of the measurement and works similar to the already existing Time input ports of the Alarm Output and Event Output blocks.
*The Measurement Input block sends the property name that is used for a fragment as part of its output value. In previous versions, this property name was frgment. This has now been changed to fragment. Currently, both property names frgment and fragment are supported. frgment, however, is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Therefore it is recommended that you now change frgment to fragment in all of your blocks (for example, the value of the Property Path parameter in the Extract Property block).
*The Measurement Input block now also sends a new property named value as part of its output value. This allows other blocks, such as the Text Substitution block, to use the measurement value (for example, to use it in an alarm text).
Known issues
*The template parameter names in the samples are currently only available in English. It is planned to translate them into the supported languages in a later release.