Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Understanding Models | Blocks | Output blocks
Output blocks
An output block is a special type of block that receives data from a connected processing block. It converts the data into a format understandable to an external source and transfers the data to the external source. For example, when an output block receives data from a connected processing block, it packages the data into an Operation object and then sends the operation to Cumulocity IoT.
The Trigger Device is a special output block which can be used to send the output back to the device which triggered the output. Models can process data from multiple devices, and scale up (using multiple cores) when doing so. For detailed information, see Model execution for different devices.
Other output blocks are Send Email and Send SMS to send emails and text messages. These blocks depend on the tenant environment being correctly configured to be able to deliver the emails and text messages (see also Providing SMS provider credentials in the Cumulocity IoT documentation). Unlike the other blocks, these are not associated with devices within the Cumulocity IoT platform.