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Logged tenant options
Using curl commands for setting various tenant options
You can customize the settings of Analytics Builder, the so-called tenant options, by sending REST requests to Cumulocity IoT. The key names that you can use with the REST requests are listed in the topics below. A category name is needed along with the key name; this is always analytics.builder.
You can find some concrete examples in Using curl commands for setting various tenant options. However, you can use any tool you like.
To change the tenant options, you need ADMIN permission for "Option management" in Cumulocity IoT. See the information on the Administration application in the User guide at for details on managing permissions.
After you have changed a tenant option using a REST request, the correlator will automatically restart. An alarm with a MAJOR severity will be created in this case; you can view it on the Alarms page of the Cockpit application (see the User guide at for information on how to work with alarms).