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Overview Panel for Master Caches
The Overview panel displays information and performance statistics for caches that are being replicated to remote data centers over a Wide-Area-Network (WAN). This information is provided by the orchestrators performing that replication.
* To view master cache information in the Overview panel
1. At the top of the Overview panel select the CacheManager of the master caches you want to view.
2. Click Masters.
The following columns are displayed by default for each master cache:
The master cache name.
The address (the hostname and communication port) of the master cache's Orchestrator process.
To display the Orchestrator's XML configuration, click the address link.
To view information about your WAN's Orchestrator topology, click Topology. For example:
Replication Mode
The master cache's replication mode (unidirectional or bidirectional).
Conflict Count
The number of conflicts that were resolved during replication.
Conflict Table Size
The number of element modification entries (puts/updates/deletes) that are currently outstanding. These entries may or may not have had a conflict; it simply means that they have not yet been replicated to all the replicas in the WAN. This number could be higher than Conflict Count.
Inbound Buffer Size
The size of the cluster listener buffer.
Processing Rate (1 Min.)
The average processed transactions per second (tps) over a one-minute period. A processed transaction is one that has been recorded by the master orchestrator for immediate or eventual transmission to the replica orchestrators.
3. To view synchronization information about the master cache's replica caches, expand the master cache name.
The following columns are displayed by default for each replica cache:
The replica Orchestrator address (hostname, communication port).
Replica Status
The connection status of the replica cache (AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE).
Sync Status
Indicates whether the replica cache's synchronization with the master cache is COMPLETE or RUNNING.
Sync Rate (1 Min.)
The average synchronization transactions per second over the last minute.
Sync Mean Rate
The average transactions per second (tps) over the entire synchronization interval.
Sync Count
The total number of transactions over the entire synchronization interval.
4. To change the default set of statistics displayed, click Configure columns. In the pop-up that displays, click either Master or Replica and select one or more (or all) of the statistics. For descriptions of the statistics, see The WAN Tab Statistics.

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