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Generating Thread Dumps
You can get a snapshot of the state of each server and client in the Terracotta cluster using thread dumps. To display the thread-dumps feature, click Troubleshooting.
The thread-dump navigation pane lists completed thread dumps by date-time stamp. The contents of selected thread dumps are displayed in the right-side pane. To delete all shown thread dumps, click Clear All.
* To generate a thread dump
1. Choose the target of the thread dump from the Scope menu.
2. Click Take Thread Dump.
3. Expand the entry created in the thread-dumps navigation pane to see the thread-dump entry or entries.
4. Click a server or client entry to display the thread dump for that server or client.
5. To archive listed thread dumps, click Download All.
6. To remove all thread dumps from the list, click Clear All.
Servers that appear in the Scope menu, but are not connected, produce empty thread dumps.

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