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Setup Errors
500 Problem Accessing the Keychain File
Problem: After configuring and attempting to use the LDAP or AD URL, you see a message similar to the following:
Problem accessing /tmc/setupAuth. Reason:
impossible to initialize the keychain
~/.tc/mgmt/keychain doesn't point to a valid file
Cause: The keychain file does not exist in the expected location.
Solution: Create the file keychain in $(user.home)/.tc/mgmt while adding the first entry:
bin/ -c -O -S ~/.tc/mgmt/keychain ldap://admin@localhost:1389
Cannot Retrieve Entry for LDAP or Active Directory User
Problem: After configuring and attempting to use the LDAP or AD URL, you see a message similar to "Impossible to retrieve systemUsername password from the keychain : ldap://admin@localhost:1389".
Cause: The keychain does not contain an entry matching the system user specified.
Solution: Create a correct entry for the specified user. For the example above, the password in the keychain file should be keyed with "ldap://admin@localhost:1389".
Number of Clients Impacts Performance
Problem: You might observe a performance degradation when the number of clients is 200 or more.
Cause: It is possible to have an insufficient number of Java Management Extensions (JMX) threads because the default value of 64 JMX threads is designed for the common scenario in which there are no more than 256 client connections.
Solution: Stop the cluster, adjust the value of l2.remotejmx.maxthreads in tc-config.xml for your particular environment to ensure there is a JMX thread for every four L1 nodes, then restart the cluster. The following example sets the number of threads high enough to support 1024 clients.
<tc:tc-config xmlns:tc=""
<property name="l2.remotejmx.maxthreads" value="256"/>

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