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About the WAN Tab
The WAN tab enables you to monitor information about the following aspects of the WAN Replication Service:
*Your WAN's topology and configuration.
*Each WAN-enabled cache, including performance statistics and details of their deployment, such as the orchestrator topology, configuration, and status. Terracotta gathers statistics from all Orchestrators and displays them for each cache.
You can display this information in "Overview" format (a table) or in "Charts" format.
Note: This monitoring capability is enabled by default for each Orchestrator. If you want to disable the monitoring capability, set the monitoringEnabled parameter to false in each Orchestrator's wan-config.xml file. For details, see "Orchestrator Configuration Parameters" in the WAN Replication User Guide.
Note: If no caches are currently being replicated, this will be indicated in the WAN tab.

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