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What is BigMemory Go?
BigMemory Go is a commercial extension of Ehcache, the open-source, standards-based, and most widely used Java-based caching program for boosting performance, offloading your database, and simplifying scalability.
BigMemory Go provides all of the features of Ehcache, while also enabling access to off-heap memory for caching and in-memory data storage. The use of off-heap memory enables Java applications to leverage virtually all the RAM for in-memory data storage without lengthy pauses for garbage collection.
BigMemory Go also enables you to perform SQL queries on the data in your cache or in-memory data store.
As with Ehcache, you can use BigMemory as a general-purpose cache/in-memory data store or a second-level cache for Hibernate. You can additionally integrate it with third-party products such as ColdFusion, Google App Engine, and Spring.

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