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Creating Enterprise Edition Clients
The following example shows the dependencies needed for creating Terracotta 4.3.1 clients. You will need to adapt some of the entries to match your specific product installation.
<!-- The following dependencies are required for using Ehcache.
Dependencies not listed here include the SLF4J API JAR (version 1.6.1) and an SLF4J
binding JAR of your choice. These JARs specify the required logging framework.
It also does not include the explicit-locking JAR.-->
<!-- The following dependencies are required for using Terracotta Sessions. -->
Note: The example shows artifact IDs (in the <artifactId> tags) and corresponding version numbers (in the <version> tags). The contents of the <version> tags shown in the example probably do not match the version numbers in your installed product. Make sure that you replace the versions numbers in the example by the correct values for your installation. You can find these values at the following locations (<InstallDir> represents the product installation location):
Ehcache version
Terracotta version
Web sessions version
Quartz version (only 3 digits)
WAN version

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