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About Working with Apache Maven
Apache Maven users can set up the Terracotta repository for Terracotta artifacts (including Ehcache, Quartz, and other Terracotta projects) using the URL shown:
For a complete list of repositories, see Terracotta Repositories.
Note the following when using Maven:
*The repository URL is not browsable.
*If you intend to work with Terracotta SNAPSHOT projects (usually in trunk), see Working With Terracotta SNAPSHOT Projects.
*You can use the artifact versions in a specific kit when configuring a POM. Artifacts in a specific kit are guaranteed to be compatible.
Note: Certain frameworks, including Hibernate and certain Spring modules, may have POMs with dependencies on outdated versions of Terracotta products. This can cause older versions of Terracotta products to be installed in your application's classpath ahead of the current versions of those products, resulting in NoClassDefFound, NoSuchMethod, and other errors. At best, your application may run but not perform correctly. Be sure to locate and remove any outdated dependencies before running Maven.

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