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Ehcache Settings for Collections
Hibernate creates collection cache names based on the fully qualified name of the Domain Object followed by "." and the collection field name. For example, a Country domain object has a set of advancedSearchFacilities. The Hibernate doclet for the accessor looks like this:
* Returns the advanced search facilities that should appear for this country.
* @hibernate.set cascade="all" inverse="true"
* @hibernate.collection-key column="COUNTRY_ID"
* @hibernate.collection-one-to-many class=""
* @hibernate.cache usage="read-write"
public Set getAdvancedSearchFacilities() {
return advancedSearchFacilities;
You need an additional cache configured for the set. The ehcache.xml configuration looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cache name="com.somecompany.someproject.domain.Country"
<persistence strategy="localTempSwap"/>
<persistence strategy="localTempSwap"/>
Hibernate CacheConcurrencyStrategy for Collections
The read-write, nonstrict-read-write and read-only policies apply to Domain Object collections.

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