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About the Terracotta Management Console
The Terracotta Management Console (TMC) is a web-based administration and monitoring application with the following advantages:
*Multi-level security architecture, with end-to-end SSL secure connections available
*Feature-rich and easy-to-use interface
*Remote management capabilities requiring only a web browser and network connection
*Cross-platform deployment
*Role-based authentication and authorization
*Support for LDAP directories and Microsoft Active Directory
*Aggregate statistics from multiple nodes
*Flexible deployment model, which can plug into both development environments and secure production architectures
The TMC can monitor BigMemory nodes and clusters through the Terracotta Management Server (TMS). The TMS acts as an aggregator and also provides a connection and security context for the TMC. The TMS must be available and accessible for the TMC to provide management services.
The TMS is included with your BigMemory kit under the tools/management-console directory.

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