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About Fast Restart (FRS)
BigMemory’s Fast Restart (FRS) feature provides enterprise-ready crash resilience by keeping a fully consistent, real-time record of your in-memory data. After any kind of shutdown — planned or unplanned — the next time your application starts up, all of the data that was in BigMemory is still available and very quickly accessible.
The advantages of the Fast Restart feature include:
*In-memory data survives crashes and enables fast restarts. Because your in-memory data does not need to be reloaded from a remote data source, applications can resume at full speed after a restart.
*A real-time record of your in-memory data provides true fault tolerance. Fast Restart provides the equivalent of a local "hot mirror," which guarantees full data consistency.
*A consistent record of your in-memory data opens many possibilities for business innovation, such as arranging data sets according to time-based needs or moving data sets around to different locations. The uses of the Fast Restart store can range from a simple key-value persistence mechanism with fast read performance, to an operational store with in-memory speeds during operation for both reads and writes.

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