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Configuring a Cache Manager Event Listener
One CacheManagerEventListenerFactory and hence one CacheManagerEventListener can be specified per CacheManager instance. The factory is configured as below:
<cacheManagerEventListenerFactory class="" properties=""/>
The entry specifies a CacheManagerEventListenerFactory which will be used to create a CacheManagerEventListener, which is notified when Caches are added or removed from the CacheManager. The attributes of a CacheManagerEventListenerFactory are:
*class — a fully qualified factory class name.
*properties — comma-separated properties having meaning only to the factory.
Callbacks to listener methods are synchronous and unsynchronized. It is the responsibility of the implementer to safely handle the potential performance and thread safety issues depending on what their listener is doing. If no class is specified, or there is no cacheManagerEventListenerFactory element, no listener is created. There is no default.

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