BigMemory Go 4.3.4 | Product Documentation | Terracotta Management Console User Guide | Using the Administration Tab | Configuration
Using subpanels, the Configuration panel displays the status, environment, and configuration information for the servers and clients selected in the Cluster Node menu. This information is useful for debugging and when reporting problems.
The Main subpanel displays the server status and a list of properties, including IP address, version, license (capabilities), and restartability and failover modes. A specific server must be selected to view this subpanel. Administrators can shut down servers from this panel.
The following additional subpanels are available:
*Environment - The server's JVM system properties.
*TCProperties - The Terracotta properties that the server is using.
*Process Args - The JVM arguments that the server was started with.
*TCConfig - The Terracotta configuration file that the server was started with.

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