Universal Messaging 10.3 | Concepts | Commonly Used Features | Using the Shared Memory Protocol
Using the Shared Memory Protocol
Universal Messaging supports a special kind of communication protocol called shm (Shared Memory). This communication protocol can only be used for intra host connectivity and uses physical memory to pass data rather than the network stack. Using shared memory as the communication protocol behaves just as any other nirvana communication protocol and therefore can be used within any Universal Messaging client or admin api application.
Once you have configured shared memory on your realm, it is ready to use by any Universal Messaging application you wish to run on the same host. All you need to do is set your RNAME to a the correct shared memory RNAME. For example, if you have configured shared memory to use /tmp, then your RNAME would be:
To test this out, you could run any one of the example applications that are provided in the Universal Messaging download, by setting the RNAME from a Universal Messaging Java client examples prompt as described above. For example, a subscriber that subscribes to a channel called /test can be executed as follows:
nsubchan /test 0 1