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Realm Access Control List (nACL)
When you have connected to a realm, and have a reference to an nRealmNode object (see nRealmNode), you can access an the realm's acl object. This object contains a list of nRealmACLEntry objects that represent a subject and a set permissions for various operations on a realm.
You can also, add, delete and modify acl entry objects. To obtain the realm acl object, simply call the following method from a realm node:
Java, C#:
nACL acl = realm.getACLs();
nACL* acl = realm->getACLs();
Once you have the acl object, you can then add, remove or modify acl entries:
To find a specific acl entry from the realm acl, you can search the acl using the subject. For example, if I wished to change the default permissions for the *@* subject (i.e. the default permission for a realm), I could use the following code:
nRealmACLEntry entry = acl.find("Everyone");
nRealmACLEntry* entry = acl->find("Everyone");
which would set the full privileges flag to false for the default subject.
For more information on Universal Messaging Administration, please see the API documentation, and the Enterprise Manager Guide.