Universal Messaging 10.3 | Installation Guide | Post-Installation Procedures | Upgrading from a Trial to a Production License
Upgrading from a Trial to a Production License
Universal Messaging ships with a trial license, which allows the server to run for a maximum of 90 days from first run.
Trial Users
To purchase a production license, please contact us.
Production Users
If you already have a production license, and download a new build of the version for which you are licensed, then you should overwrite the shipped trial license with your production license to avoid being restricted to only 90 days' usage.
To do this, simply copy your production licence.xml over the trial licence.xml and restart your server.
The location of the license file is by default as follows:
where <InstallDir> is the disk location where the product is installed, and <InstanceName> is the name of the realm server to which the license applies.
If you encounter any problem with this process, please contact us for further support.