Universal Messaging 10.3 | Concepts | Clustered Server Concepts | Working with an Active/Active Cluster | Inter-Cluster Connections
Inter-Cluster Connections
Inter-cluster connections can be formed between clusters in order to allow joins to be created between stores on these separate clusters. Inter-cluster connections are bi-directional, allowing joins to be formed between clusters in either direction once the inter-cluster connection has been set up.
In this way, these connections can facilitate inter-cluster routing of messages. Inter-cluster connections do not, however, provide full namespace federation across remote clusters. They are designed to support inter-cluster message propagation on explicitly joined stores, rather than mounting clusters in the namespace of remote clusters, as in realm federation.
Inter-cluster connections and realm federation are mutually exclusive, and they cannot be used together in any combination.
Inter-Cluster connections can be added either using the Enterprise Manager or programmatically.