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Enterprise View
The Enterprise view is the first screen you see whenever the Enterprise Manager is launched. The screen is designed to provide an overview of the characteristics as well as current status of the set of Universal Messaging realms that Enterprise Manager is currently connected with, your Universal Messaging enterprise. This summary view includes any Universal Messaging realms you have added to your connection information whether they are standalone development realms or production clustered realms. Adding a Universal Messaging realm to the Enterprise Manager's connection info will result in the realm's data being included in this view (see Connecting to Multiple Realms and Disconnecting from Realms).
As you navigate through more specific parts of the Universal Messaging enterprise, you can always return to this screen by selecting the root node of the navigation tree called Universal Messaging Enterprise.
The view shows a large real time graph illustrating the total number of events published (yellow) and consumed (red) across all Universal Messaging realms. The bottom of the screen displays 3 panels named Totals, Event Status and Connection Status respectively.
The Totals panel displays the total number of clusters, realms and resources across all Universal Messaging realms.
The Event Status panel displays the total number of events consumed and published, as well as the current consume and publish rates (events per second).
The Connection Status panel displays the total number, the current number as well as the number of connections (sessions) being made per second across all realms at this point in time, whether application or administrative.