Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging | Snooping on Queues | Viewing Queue Event Details
Viewing Queue Event Details
After you start snooping on a queue in the Command Central web user interface, the snooped events table on the queue details page displays information about each event including the event ID, tag, time to live (TTL), and data, as well as whether the event is persistent.
When you select an event in the table, you can view additional details about the event including the type of event (persistent, transient, or protobuf), a hexadecimal view of the event data, an ASCII representation of the event data, the header and properties of the event, and the Protobuf descriptor for Protobuf events.
If the event is a Protobuf event and its Protobuf descriptor matches the name of a Protobuf file descriptor that has already been uploaded on the queue, the ASCII representation of the event is the decoded Protobuf content in JSON format.