Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging | Snooping on Queues | Considerations When Snooping on Queues
Considerations When Snooping on Queues
Consider the following information when you want to snoop on events on a queue:
*Snooping on events on a queue is performed per user. Only the user who started snooping can stop it. However, Command Central allows more than one person to log in as Administrator at the same time, which might result in simultaneous attempts to perform various snooping operations on the same queue.
*When snooping is inactive for five minutes, for example, because the user logged off or navigated away from the queue details page, the snoop stops automatically.
*If the Universal Messaging server becomes unavailable after the snoop on the queue started, Command Central stops snooping on all queues on that Universal Messaging server for all Command Central users. If you try to start snooping while the Universal Messaging server is still unavailable, Command Central returns an error.