Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging | Publishing Events | Publishing Protobuf Events
Publishing Protobuf Events
The event publishing functionality works with Command Central 10.4 and higher.
Perform the following actions to publish a Protobuf event, using the Command Central web user interface:
1. Before publishing the Protobuf event, upload on the channel or queue the Protobuf file descriptor that defines the Protobuf schema, as part of a file descriptor set. For information about uploading a Protobuf file descriptor set on a channel or queue, see Channel Configuration or Queue Configuration.
2. When you create the event on the Publish tab for a channel or queue, do the following:
a. In the Event data field, specify a JSON string that represents the Protobuf event.
b. Select the Publish as a Protobuf event option.
c. In the Protobuf descriptor field, specify the name of the Protobuf file descriptor that defines the message schema.
If you do not specify a Protobuf descriptor or if the specified Protobuf descriptor value does not correspond to any Protobuf file descriptor on the channel or queue, the system returns an error that no Protobuf descriptor was found on the channel or queue and does not create a Protobuf event.
For information about how to publish events, see Publishing Events on a Channel or Queue.
For more information about working with Protobuf events, see Google Protocol Buffers.