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DataGroup Publishing with Conflation
This example shows how to publish to DataGroups, with optional conflation.

DataGroupPublish <rname> <group name> <conflate> [count] [size]
[conflation merge or drop] [conflation interval]

<Required Arguments>

<rname> - the custom URL to access the realm. Example: nhp://localhost:9000
<group name> - Data group name parameter to publish to
<conflate> - enable conflation true or false

[Optional Arguments]

[count] -The number of events to publish (default: 10)
[size] - The size (bytes) of the event to publish (default: 100)
[conflation merge or drop] - merge to enable merge or drop to enable drop
(default: merge)
[conflation interval] - the interval for conflation to publish(default: 500
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