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Stop Snooping on a Queue
To stop snooping on events on a queue for a specific user:
sagcc exec administration component node_alias Universal-Messaging-server_instance_name
queues stopSnoop name=queue_name user=user_name
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. The ID of the Universal Messaging server instance on which you want to stop snooping.
Required. The name of the queue on which you want to stop snooping.
Required. The username of the user for whom you want to stop snooping.
To stop snooping for events on queue "queue1", created on the server instance with ID "Universal-Messaging-umserver" that is installed in the installation with alias name "sag01", for user "Administrator":
sagcc exec administration component sag01 Universal-Messaging-umserver
queues stopSnoop name=queue1 user=Administrator