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Working with an Active/Passive Cluster
Active/passive clustering is a solution that uses third-party clustering software and special purpose hardware to minimize system downtime. Active/passive clusters are groups of computing resources that are implemented to provide high availability of software and hardware computing services. Active/passive clusters operate by having redundant groups of resources (such as CPU, disk storage, network connections, and software applications) that provide service when the primary system resources fail.
The procedures required to set ting up the active/passive cluster involve steps that are dependent on the third-party solution you have chosen (for example, Windows Server®, Veritas™, HP ServiceGuard®, IBM® HACMP™, or Oracle® Solaris Cluster) . Ensure that you have all required information about the third party product before you begin.
The procedures for setting up the active/passive cluster are described in the section Setting up Active/Passive Clustering with Shared Storage in the Administrator Guide .