Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager | Administration Using Enterprise Manager | Scheduling | Overview
Universal Messaging provides a sophisticated scheduling engine that enables tasks to be executed as server-side scripts on a Realm Server at specific times or when certain conditions occur within the realm. This enables realm servers to automate important tasks, enabling them to self-manage without the need for intervention by administrators or externally scheduled tasks. The scripts consist of initial tasks, triggered tasks and / or calendar tasks.
Administrators of Universal Messaging Realm servers can provide scripts that outline the conditions and tasks to be performed which are then interpreted by the server. The server converts the scripts into the actual tasks to be completed, and executes them under the correct conditions.
This section guides you through the basic tasks that can be executed by a Realm Server, time based scheduling and conditional triggers, as well as how to write, modify and deploy scheduling scripts.
The Scheduler feature of the Enterprise Manager is deprecated in Universal Messaging version 10.2 and will be removed in a subsequent release.