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Publish / Subscribe Using Channels/Topics
Creating a Channel
Finding a Channel
Publishing events to a Channel
Sending XML Dom Objects
Asynchronous Subscriber
Channel Iterator
Batched Subscribe
Batched Find
Using Durable Subscriptions
The Merge Engine and Event Deltas
Priority Messaging
Publish / Subscribe is one of several messaging paradigms available in Universal Messaging. Universal Messaging Channels are a logical rendezvous point for publishers (producers) and subscribers (consumers) or data (events).
Universal Messaging Data Streams and Data Groups provide an alternative style of Publish/Subscribe where user subscriptions can be managed remotely on behalf of clients (see Publish / Subscribe Using Data Streams and Data Groups).
Universal Messaging Channels equate to Topics if you are using the Universal Messaging Provider for JMS.
Under the publish / subscribe paradigm, each event is delivered to each subscriber once and only once per subscription, and is not typically removed from the channel as a result of the message being consumed by an individual client.
This section demonstrates how Universal Messaging pub / sub works in Java.